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Greetings, wanderer!

In however way you may have

found me, I hope you have enjoyed

what you have seen so far.


Wild and primeval things speak to me.

I'm in love with the quiet yet loud vastness of  nature. But some moments can't have words to them. That's where

photography comes in.

Some witchy facts about me:

  • Born on the 4:th of May 1995

  • Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Gemini rising

  • Highly sensitive extravert/empath

Welcome to my visual realm.

I'm Laura Sangregorio.

I'm a visual storyteller, forest dweller, mountain daughter and wanderess.

I like to think of myself as a Witch, and I have a prominent nose to justify it.


Most of my ideas emerge from solitary nature wanderings and casual notebook sketches, but also from folklore, fairytales, ecofeminism, historical (medieval) fantasy and natural healing. Essentially, I've always been drawn to the old ways. That does not mean however that I'm not intrigued by the future.


Story goes, I started taking photos at the age of nine. Back in the days I would borrow my father's camera and run off with it. The eye is self-taught. I am however the holder

of a Higher Vocational Education Diploma in visual communication and photography

at Fotoskolan STHLM (2017-2019).

Arauujek is a word of my own creation for all that is wild and untamed and ethereal.

Many a time have I reshaped its meaning. Originally, it was invented to be the name of a fantasy land for a graphic novel I was crafting throughout my teenage years. The project was sadly abandoned, but the name prevailed. Today, Arauujek is an emotion, a feeling, a word for "The Mood"  that I am constantly hunting.


As Instagram became a significant platform to express visual art, I found myself in need of a username. I chose @arauujek, and as the years went by, it grew with me. And here we are. Arauujek is now my domain.


Work with me!

Do you have an upcoming project? Is it a LARP event, a Medieval Fairytale Wedding or perhaps a Women's Circle? For enquiries, click the contact button below. Pricing is set according to our mutual agreement, based on a first proposal.

Every photoshoot and filming session includes thorough preparations and planning - from original idea to moodboard to final delivery. Your preference matters, and my task is to realize your vision! If it so happens that you don't have a clear picture of what you want, I'll be your consultant until we get there. Let us talk and get to know each other

a little before the shooting day, be it over a warm drink in a tavern, or via e-mail.


Ask away!

Audio guidance:

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Solo Debut


Urskogens Döttrar

Daughters of the Primeval Forest

In collaboration with Tyresta Naturum


Il Progetto Disegnare Le Parole

Colloquio sul lavoro tra arte-poesia e arte-società

"Stoccolma, le sei del mattino"  - Sandro Boccardi



Uccelli, Birds

In collaboration with Dario Gaito

Vercelli, via S. Ugolina, 30


Solo Exhibition


Urskogens Döttrar

Daughters of the Primeval Forest

In collaboration with Bordsvägen 49

Gubbängen, Sweden

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